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Scotland is by far one of the most beautiful places on the world and it's very popular with travelers from all over. From the rolling hills of the lowlands to the rugged valleys of the highlands, Scotland has it all including spectacular scenery, interesting history, museums, historic buildings and landmarks, and vibrant cities including the world-renowned city of Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh is an old city with a nice combination of medieval attractions and modern amenities. It's a fairly large city but small compared to other European cities and it's for being very walk-able and easy to get around. It's also known for it's incredible choice of restaurants. When it comes to restaurants edinburgh, There is every type of restaurant you can imagine in the city. There are family restaurants, diners, cafes, fine dining restaurants, traditional restaurants, restaurants serving various cuisines from around the world, vegetarian restaurants, fast food joints, bistros and pubs. The city is also known for its selection of unique restaurants that offer an experience like no other.

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Below is a sample of the type of unique restaurants edinburgh and dining experiences you will come across in your wanderings around this beautiful city:

1)Creative dishes made with locally-sourced items in a chic warehouse.

2)Contemporary dishes prepared by one chef for a set amount of people at one table.

3) Seasonal tasting options in a fine dining area with country decor.

4) A set menu with options made from local produce and served in a stone cottage.

5)Traditional Scottish dishes served in a fine dining atmosphere in a room on top of a museum with nice views of nearby rooftops.

6)Bistro-type options and unique cocktails served in a retro atmosphere.

5) A mix of traditional Scottish cuisine with a touch of Asian culture.

6) A restaurant specializing in Scottish hog roasts made in various ways.

7) Delicious, carefully-prepared dishes served in an original Witchery with baroque decor and candlelight.

So there you have it. And that is just a sample of the unique options available in Edinburgh. Remember, there are dozens, even hundreds of other options available that serve every type of cuisine for every taste imaginable. There is something for everyone and for every budget.

The best way to see what restaurants edinburgh are available if to set out on foot and explore the city. Many of the top restaurants are situated around the old part of the city and the Royal Mile area but there are eateries in every part of the city and beyond.

If you prefer to know what's available before you arrive in the city, a simple internet search will generate many lists of top restaurants. You can see pictures of what the interior of each restaurant looks like and even see the menu so you can decide if it is one you would like to visit during your stay.

There are more than enough restaurants edinburgh to allow you to dine at a different place every night during your vacation and you will never have to worry about having the same meal twice.