Actuators and Valves-Ideal Accessories for HVAC Systems

Are you looking for HVAC actuators and valves? If yes, then don’t take tension because there are a large number of accessories available in the market that ensure the functionality of HVAC unit.

Control Valves

Control valves are ideal to be used for controlling flow, pressure, temperature as well as liquid level. For ensuring the safety limit, these valves are easily maintaining a steady flow of materials.

Valve’s positioners: They are utilized to precisely decide which valve is to be opened or closed. Nowadays, these valve positioners are highly demanded in several industries for utmost positioning.

HVAC Actuator

Valve’s body: Generally bodies of the control valves consist of the sliding-stem globe as well as angle valves. For ensuring their rugged construction and durability, these valves are perfectly designed by using the premium quality material.

HVAC Actuator

An actuator transforms the input signal into a form usable by the system. It may instantly regulate the process or force another component which acts as the central controller. There are different types of the input signal such as electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic. An actuator is perfectly installed in the HVAC system that facilitates the unit to become partially or fully automated.

An actuator contains a signal amplifier as well as a transducer. The signal amplifier is basically suitable for the purpose of enlarging the power of the input signal so that it can operate the transducer, which transforms the signal into the needed form.

According to the regulating signal to vary the flow of fluids, it is suitable to the spontaneously open or closes the valve. The actuators are divided into four parts according to the source of power such as electrical actuators, hydraulic, electro hydraulic actuators and pneumatic actuators.

  • Electrical actuators: These types of accessories are featured with high-quality motors which are driven by an electrical current or voltage supply. These devices are easily controlled as well as moderated by micro controllers and amplifiers.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators: These accessories are same in structure, as well as include a piston and cylinder arrangement. The reciprocating motion of the piston is gained by pressurizing and de-pressurizing the cylinder.
  • Hydraulic actuators: In case of a hydraulic actuator, the cylinder is filled with water, while in pneumatic ones, it is occupied with air.
  • Electro hydraulic cylinders: These products are a perfect combination of electric and hydraulic cylinders. These products can drive heavier loads, as well as at the same time are controlled easily by electric signals.

For ensuring the hassle-free functionality of the heat and ventilation system, these HVAC actuators and valves are highly demanded in several industries.