Basic Maintenance Guide for Your Yachts

Whether you charter a yacht or you buy, it is important that you know basic maintenance. Even if you have a crew with you, it is still beneficial if you know the processes, terminologies and more importantly, maintenance because this will help you preserve the beauty of your yacht.

beauty of your yacht

If you own a luxury yacht, there is a need to be aware of basic maintenance because after all, it is one of the most expensive properties you have. By definition, luxury yachts are also called super yachts that are usually more than 79 feet. Remember that no matter how the yacht is properly built, it still needs maintenance to survive the harsh environment.

Taking care of the yacht will grant you trouble free adventures. If you think about selling it soon for an upgrade, there is a good chance of higher resale value.  Here are some things that you should consider when it comes to maintenance:

Pre-departure check

Before you go sailing, it is important that you check things again thoroughly. It is important that you spot any problems while you are still in the marina. It would be harder to resolve a problem once you are afloat. Even if you are excited to go, spend time checking things like current weather forecast, engine fluid levels, battery levels, bilge pump operation, fresh water levels, filter system, seacocks, and navigation system.

It is also important that you brief the crew where the safety items and using winches. You should also walk around to check the book, shackles, halyards and the anchor. Before you drop the mooring lines, make sure that you check the exhaust water and the gear operation by starting the engine.

Pack up check

After your sailing adventure, it is time that you pack up. Shut off the engine first before checking the mooring lines as well as the bilges. Do not forget to keep the sails and shit all the hatches. You should also fill the water tank at the same time pump out the holding tank. Clean the interiors as well as the deck.

Annual servicing

Do not wait for trouble idly. It is important that you consider annual servicing. Do not forget to schedule service for the engine, seacock, steering system, toilet system, fresh water filters, LPG system, instrument calibration, bilge, battery, anchor winch, and many more. In addition, do not forget hull, deck and stainless steel polishing.

Fuel problems

If your yacht is using diesel fuel, you should know that it could be contaminated with algae. Algae thrive on carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which are rampant in the fuel tank. It can eventually block the fuel lines resulting in corrosion of other engine components. To keep this from happening, it is important that you use a fuel additive, which can kill algae in the fuel. Remember to change the additive at regular intervals to take care of the algae sludge. If you notice a bad case of algae, it is imperative that you pumped out the fuel and clean the tank thoroughly.

Now that you know basic maintenance for your yacht, you will be assured of a hassle-free and trouble-free adventure afloat.