Buy Microphones like A Pro with Cajonguide

Want to choose the best mike for drums? Let us see the most popular and best mic options for recording drums with the help of buyers guide provided by Overhead drum mic’s main purpose is to give a balanced stereo image of the drum kit. So for this you need matching pair of condenser mics. So as per the guide the best options available are the Shure KSM32, the Shure KSM 141, AKG P170, AKG Pro C414 and Samson CO2. The guide have clearly mentioned the features, its pros as well as cons to help the buyers make a decision what to buy according to their needs.

best mic options for recording drums

Talking about the leading one in the list, the Shure KSM32, it is undoubtedly the best choice for stage performance with its natural sound quality and speedy transient response. Its look is classy and attractive as well. Still the design can be a defect when used as overheads which is the only probable con that can be found for this product. In case of the Shure KSM 142, it is skinny with three step HP filter, great design, light weight and gives you very natural and transparent sound. Its reviews are so great that no defects or cons are not yet noticed for the same. It is simple, handy, affordable yet very good quality product. AKG P170 is perfect for toms being small and great sound quality. It weights around 130 grams with robust metal chassis. It responses well to frequencies. What people not like about it is the stand adapter and also the fact that the pad switch is the inside. More expensive version of the condenser mics are AKG pro C414, with mine polar patterns that can be selected for a superb setting that suits the environment for each application. Options are available for close up recording as well as high opt out sources. Price is the only con that could be found. Last but not the least is the Samson CO2 that is good quality in affordable price. Placing properly is a must or else high frequencies are reported.

So make use of the guide and go for the best microphone.