How to Utilize Expired Domains to Your Advantage

If you are thinking of taking advantage of expired domains, you are on the right path. Many people prefer to purchase expired domains than securing a new one because of the different things that it can do. Expired domains refer to domains that are not renewed by owners for various reasons. Regardless of the reasons, they are given enough time to settle their domains.

If they didn’t settle before the end of the grace period and the redemption period, the domain registrar will declare it expired. Within seven days after the declaration, the domain registrar will initiate the bidding process. You know that the highest bidder gets the expired domain. From that point on, the new owner can control everything in the domain.

301 direct from expired domains

Many experts utilize expired domains in three ways. Here’s how you can utilize expired domains to your advantage:

You can build authority sites out from expired domains

Building authority sites means spending more time and resources. If you buy brand new domains, you need to invest in building authority sites. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes IN. If you buy an expired domain, it already has an authority to build the site. You do not need to put more investment because of this plus it can give you a significant head start. With this, you can create rich contents enough to make it to the first page of rankings without putting much work.

You can build Private Blog Network (PBN) from expired domains

You can improve your ranking by building PBN. PBN is considered one of the most effective types of link. Basically, you can create a group of authoritative sites in a particular niche and use those sites to rank any site. This gives you full authority over your contents, anchor text, link placement and many more. But to make this happen, you need to look for expired domains without spam history and clean link profile.

You can 301 direct from expired domains

The easiest way to move all that link juice and authority to your new website is through 301 redirect. If the expired domain has existing traffic, it can help you more when it comes to link juice and authority.

Now that you know these things, you can exploit expired domains to your advantage. There are other things that you still need to know but as a beginner, you have to know which websites to buy expired domains. The good news is that there are many websites you can consider, it is just a matter of finding the right one with high quality expired domains.