Online Relationship Apps Classification and Types


The main aim of the mobile dating apps is to make its users meet new people, chat in groups, know each other better and have a new and interesting experience in meeting people. Dating apps are trending in recent days with the advancement in technology and mobile usage. Mobile Dating apps can be classified into different types based on their usage.

Dating Apps Classification

Mobile Dating apps are basically divided into simple, complex and highly complex apps.

Simple Apps possess the basic functionality required for any dating purpose. It does not have any third party integration and does not need any backend infrastructure. Simple apps takes an average of 600 hours to be developed. The basic features in the simple apps are feed list, timeline, profile, simple filters and maps.

Complex Apps have features like real time chat, payments, customized UI components, API integration and simple backend server to do the chatting. It takes about 800 hours to develop complex dating apps depending on the number of available features within that particular app.

Dating Apps Classification

Highly Complex Apps have advanced functionalities. Some of the popular ones are custom animations, audio and video synchronize, complex database integration, real time chats, social media profile verification and third party integration. It takes 900 hours to complete its development by a well experienced mobile app team.

Types of Dating Apps

  1. Traditional Apps

The traditional dating apps are nothing but the replication of old school dating websites. They have app version of the traditional chat websites to serve the dating purpose with some additional features.

  1. Geo-Location Matching Apps

Based on the geographic proximity to a particular user, the connection is made and used for chatting and meeting. It uses the GPS in your mobile to locate people near you, if you are looking for someone in the surroundings. If the person crosses you enough times, then their profile shows up in their timeline.

  1. Algorithm Matching Apps

Based on personal survey information by offline services, matching algorithms work.

  1. Niche Dating Apps

Niche dating apps is focused for selected users. Only selected persons are allowed to register like well educated and professional users. The aim is to aid in dating people within their own social groups and likeliness. Some Niche dating apps only allows users like doctors or lawyers to register and selects after verification. Purpose is to shield female harassment and facilitate easy professional dating.