Ronn Torossian – The Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Ronn Torossian is a very popular man in the business world. He is the founder as well as the current CEO of 5W Public Relations or also known as 5WPR. This is a Public Relations firm that is based in New York. 5WPR has helped so many brands, corporations, as well as issues and personalities reach their goals.

Leader In Public Relations

            Torossian has received many awards through the years. He was even awarded as the PR Executive of the Year which is given by the American Business Awards. Torossian also became a semi-finalist on the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Behind the fame and success, who is Ronn Torossian?

The CEO And Founder of 5WPR

            5W is a Public Relations Agency that is one of the busiest and the most effective PR companies in the United States. This is known to create innovative programs that can help engage different businesses, issues, and ideas. Some of their popular clients include Sparkling ICE, Welches, and Jane Iredale. They have also worked with different celebrities and government organizations.

The Leader In Public Relations

            His company, 5WPR, is the world’s most popular public relations agency. Torossian is the thought leader when it comes to public relations and communications. He is also an expert in crisis management, with public affairs, as well as the social media. This is the reason why he builds 5WPR. He wants to do something that is missing in the PR industry, the results, and innovations.

He Takes Pride In Giving Back

            Everyone knows that Ronn Torossian is a very successful and a very wealthy man. What makes him stand out among the throng of successful business owners is that he gives back. He believes that charity is very important to success. Torossian spends a portion of his earnings every year to charity. He also donates different educational initiatives as well as other healthcare projects.

A Family Man

             In the midst of his busy life, Ronn Torossian believes that every individual needs to make time for even the smallest things in their lives. He makes sure that he spends time with his family, especially with the biggest blessing in his life; his two daughters. Torossian encourages ever boss to thank their employees for their hard work that they contribute to the company. He makes sure that his life is well-balanced.

According to Ronn Torossian, to be a successful man in this industry, it takes time to build yourself up and find what’s missing and use it to make a difference. Torossian is most definitely the person that every new entrepreneur are looking up to. Aside from his success, he does not forget to give back and share a small part of his success. This is what makes him different.