RonnTorossian- The PR Prince

Ronn Torossian is an American PR executive who has been recognized as one of the best PR personnel in the country today. He sets serious goals for people who aspire to make a career in the Public Relations industry. Torossian was born on 25 August 1974 in Brooklyn, New York although his parents and grandparents are Armenian. He grew up in The Bronx and attended Stuyvesant High School. Not many who know about Torossian as a Public Relations executive know much about his early life. Torossian had an early life that was truly a roller coaster and something very far away from anything that’s even remotely related to Public Relations. He was the national president of the North American branch of Betar, a Zionist movement that was founded in 1923 by Vladimir Jabotinsky.

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Torossian was detained for protesting against the Nobel Prize awarding of Yasser Arafat in 1994. He protested publicly along with Rabbi Avi Weiss. Later on, he went to Israel where he co-founded YerushalayimShelanu, a group that promoted Israeli settlement in Eastern Jerusalem. The other founders were Danny Danon and YoelHasson who were Betar members Torossian met years before that.

Nobody knew that Torossian who was into social welfare and activities so much would get into Public Relations one day and make a great career out of it. He began his Public Relations career in 1998 working with Peter ValloneSr who was the New York City Council speaker at that time. This was the time when Vallone was on a trip to Israel and where Torossian worked for the Likud Party of Israel. Before he started his own PR agency, 5WPR, he worked at two other PR agencies including the MWW Group. Even though the New York Times called him “Brash and aggressively outspoken,” Torossian’s clients think that he’s active and it works out for their benefits.

Torossian’s company 5WPR’s revenue is $24 million as of 2017 and it was ranked as the top 35th PR Company in New York in 2014 by the New York Observer. He has won many awards and was named under Advertising Age’s40 under 40 list and PR Week’s40 under 40 list as well. 5WPR is headquartered in the Helmsley Building which is Manhattan’s most iconic buildings. 5WPR has been rapidly growing since its establishment and has been named as the best PR Agency of the Year by American Business Awards. Needless to say, Torrosian has been awarded countless times for his contributions to the PR industry and his achievements. He is also the CBO and advisory board member of JetSmarter, one of the fastest growing private jet company in the world valued at 1.6 Billion Dollars.