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Lawyer Michael Elliott was criminal human services extortion facilitator and head for Fraud Strike Force of Medicare in Texas. He filled in as an Assistant lawyer of U.S in the Districts of Northern and Southern Texas amid his residency with the administration. He has coordinated, facilitated, and managed public services examinations all through the nation and has worked widely with the state, government and investigatory organizations. Michael Elliot – Co-Founder, Partner of Elliot Sauter is proficient in defending cases along with his partner Mindy Sauter and this firm runs based on defending criminal cases and investigations.

government and investigatory organizations


Michael Elliot experience as a lawyer

After turning into a lawyer, he filled in as an officer in the Navy of United States moving on from the Institute of Naval field. He assigned in as a fighting officer of the surface on Gonzalez USS board, a destroyer, and filled in as an architect on Peleliu USS board, a land and/or capable attack water deliver. He did graduate from Miami School of University, where Mr. Elliot was an Articles Editor of Articles for Miami University law of business review. Michael Elliot – Co-Founder, Partner of this company commits his training to get the best results for customers that face the most troublesome conditions. Michael Elliot worked with Division of Civil in the justice authority in parallel procedures and in assessing informant bodies of evidence against medicinal services suppliers including research centers, solid therapeutic gear organizations, drug stores, home wellbeing and hospice organizations, and others. This understanding makes him a precious advantage for his customers confronting potential or genuine criminal examinations.

Enrollment and Activities of Mr. Elliot

He was the coordinator of health care fraud of criminal law, co-founder of Elliot Sauter defense trials of criminal law and became a popular lawyer. He was a head attorney for fraud strike force of Medicare in northern Texas. He worked as an officer in navy from the naval institute. He was in the justice of authority in the area of civil where his involvement with justice authority offers an insightful ability of documentary and detective plans. He learns methods, targets of evidential companies, with board capabilities and modes. His firm Elliot Sauter has many expert attorneys and prosecutors who help the clients on numerous cases of criminal law, white collar cases, and centralized issues etc.