A lot of people who are into social media are very familiar with LAN messenger or instant messenger application that is installed and embedded by the installed social media application in their mobile phones and computers. Many use this instant messaging application because it is completely free and an open source for cross-platform for communication within a local network.

Some of its key features are notifications, message logging, and file transfer and runs for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Its instant messaging capabilities make it very popular to its users because of the convenience it provides to them. It is easy to connect with people especially with your loved ones regardless of where they are and it is completely safe through its security for privacy using data encryption.

LAN messaging applications

Social media giants; Facebook and Instagram primarily uses LAN messaging applications to its platforms to provide its user’s convenience and a very easy and fun way to communicate because of its ability to provide graphical emoticons, emojis and even Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) while maintaining a very secured network safe from external threats.

If you have not installed LAN messenger on your phone or computer, you might be thinking to get one right now but first, here are some advantages and disadvantages of LAN messenger to consider.


  • COST FREE- Unlike other messaging applications that need to have a paid subscription in order to access its other features, LAN messengers does not cost you money. It is completely free of download.
  • EASE OF USE- It is completely easy to install, use LAN messenger, you’re just like sending a text message in a whole new platform and it rarely has technical maintenance issues that might bog down the application, it just needs a regular update in application stores available to your phone or computer.


  • PRIVACY- since LAN messenger is run by a host server or a service provider, the message history of your conversations that might require more privacy might be exposed to being intercepted by malicious programs and hackers since its history message could possibly be not encoded or encrypted most of the time.
  • VIRUS- If you happen to receive a random message that has a link or a file embedded to it, it may contain virus or malware that can mess up your phone or computer. Anyone can send you messages through LAN messenger that is why you need to be careful who you are talking to online.
  • DISTRACTION- A lot of people are hooked up to LAN messenger and other messaging applications because of its ability to bring the world closer together making it easier to communicate with each other but on the downside, if you are in your work or having your shift it might cause some distractions to you, making you unproductive throughout the day.