The Right Golf Balls Designed for Senior Players

Playing a great round of golf is great even if you are getting older. Age does not limit things that you want to do but, with considerations. If you are an avid golfer, that does not of giving it up when you get old. You only need to find the best golf balls for seniors. The golf ball for your age is essential as there are changes on your swings and performance. The right equipment will adapt your movements even if you are a bit slower than usual. If you have the golf ball for seniors, it could make a lot of difference in your game. But, you still need to choose the ball based on your skill level for there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Golf balls for senior players have usually softer feel for golfers with slower swing speed.

Golf Balls for Senior Players

When your gameplay is not like before, you should change your equipment to adapt your gaming. The best thing is to get the golf balls ideal for senior players. But, when choosing for the right ball, you should match it up with your skill level. Each ball comes with a different feel and thus, offer a whole new game performance. The balls designed for seniors have it subtle element. It usually goes with its piece construction design, core, and cover. The core is quite soft and the cover is hard and durable.

For senior players, it can be best to opt for low compression to deliver more distance. This ball also works with less spin than other balls since senior golfers have lower swing speeds. The added distance would help them perform better. The lower spin would actually cut the severity of the ball slices. Here is the feature of the senior golf ball construction that you can go over when buying one.

Golf Balls for Senior Players

Golf Balls With Low Compression 

The golf ball with lower compression usually is the softest ball you would have ever hit. This construction is ideal for seniors since the ball compresses when you hit it. The moment you hit the ball, it will act as a spring and then taking off into the air for most distance. It comes with a softer core which is much lower than the typical golf ball which avid golfer use. This ball is also ideal if you are a slower swing player, the ball compresses more at impact. This feature would actually help you to generate more distance with less swing. If you think that your gaming changes, try this golf ball to have the consistency in your game.

The Greenside Control

This is another important factor that you need to consider as with compression. You need to have control around the greens so that you won’t lose any stroke. The lack of control impacts your game the most and it will lead you to lose distance off your drives. The trajectory and spin are the main things why you tend to lose control on the greens. As you would notice it, the ball stops sooner when there is a higher trajectory. While having more or less spin controls the ball and on how it rolls out after it hits the green.

Bear in mind that losing a little swing speed could end you up hitting longer clubs into the green. If you are a senior golfer, your control around the greens will be your strength. So, never play golf with a ball that would fly far off the tee but, does not give you any spin or control around the greens. The more control you could get, the better.