Top 3 Reasons Why Parents Trust Dr Brown’s Feeding Bottles

Dr Browns Fles is not just a baby bottle, it’s the baby bottle that people are looking into. If you were scouring for some baby stuff, when you got to the bottle section, surely you have already came across this feeding bottle. Whether you bought it or not for many reasons like the size, the price, the design and so on,no one knows, but you should know that it is something more to it than the ones mentioned above. There’s a reason why parents choose this product on a global scale and you are about to find out.

This feeding bottle didn’t just become very popular and went mainstream (so to speak) just because of its price, size and looks, it became popular and present in the shelves for the reason that it provides a positive experience when it comes to bottle feeding that parents just get sold so easily and buy Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles. When you say Dr. Brown’s, you would know and recognize it right away that it’s a feeding bottle brand.

Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles

It’s history: It all started with an American doctor named Craig Brown who designed the valve system in feeding bottles that promote a healthy and positive feeding experience for a baby. And as they say, from there on the rest was history. It won many wards too including the Medical Design Excellence Award from the year 2004 – 2009. It also had received numerous awards after those years and it never stopped. This only goes to show that this is a product that deserved it’s popularity.

World class features: You can’t be a mainstream brand when it comes to feeding bottles if you didn’t bring your “A” game on the table with your products. The secret lies in the patented and very popular vent system. It makes all the difference that made it a cut from the rest.

  • It’s BPA free
  • It helps retain and reserve milk nutrients
  • It aids with digestion
  • Helps prevent feeding problems

Why you should never underestimate the hype: People worldwide know what Dr. Brown’s is and so should you. The fact that this brand is not all hyped and has lived up to the hype is a testament that have people trusted this band for many years now. On all the consumers that are being careful with the things that they buy, it’s the parents. Whether it’s for buying baby food or care products, they don’t want to compromise the health and safety of their little one that is why they are so picky and they need more convincing before they even buy a diaper.

When it comes to feeding bottles, Dr. Brown’s is one of the leading brands that people look up to. This brand is about the quality and the health that a baby can get out of a baby bottle. It’s features and awards makes you see that the feeding bottle is more than just a design for looks, it’s awards and it being a staple in various shelves worldwide is a testament that parents trust this brand. So if you’re looking for a feeding bottle that promotes a baby’s health and just an overall brand that parents world wide rust, this is it right here.