What Are The Best Tools For Electricians?

Electricians are the people who need many tools to perform their work. Without a set of tools, they might not be able to complete the given task. Here is alist of the tools considered best for electricians. To store the set of tools in an organized way, they need to buy a good tool bag so that the tools are accessible instantly. You can find the reviews of best tool bag for electrician on ToolsDuty and go through them before you buy one.

best tool bag for electrician

  • Insulated Pliers: A plier is a must for every electrician. In order to protect it from the electric current, it should be well insulated. When buying an insulated plier, always see the voltage rating of 1000V and also for the VDE mark. Consider handles with rubber or plastic for insulation.
  • Stanley Knife: A Stanley knife is the retractable trimming knife with many types of blades. It is used for many applications and can cut various things. The knife is handy to carry and is also very easy to store. It can also remove cable insulation.
  • Cable Cutters: Cable cutters come up with longer handles and comprises of rounded jaws. It has higher power and can cut through large cables. They have greater leverage allowing them to cut big conductors.
  • Side Cutting Pliers: The basic purpose of this tool is to cut wires. One can snip the wires from the tightest areas as it has an edge running from the base to the tip. There are many models and sizes of side cutting pliers.
  • Long Nose Plier: This is an ideal tool for any electrician. It is designed in a perfect way to retrieve any screws. They can also fit into tight crevices and can perform a variety of tasks. Of its slimline design, the long nose plier can also fit into cavities.
  • Voltage Tester: Also known as the mains tester, the voltage tester screwdriver comes up with a neon lamp on its handle. When in contact with current, it indicates by lighting. This is small and handy and is a must tool for every electrician.
  • Voltage Detector: It comes with a neon lamp on its tip and will light up if there is voltage. It helps to detect voltage from cables, behind plaster walls, sockets, and light fittings. You can also check a fuse without having the fuse removed.
  • Hack Saw: Hacksaw is a hand saw which can cut many things like nuts, bolts, plastic, metal, and timber. It will cut anything you desire from any point you want. You will just have to make a little effort in using it.

To store all such tools, one needs to buy the best tool bag for electrician after checking out the reviews. There are many other important tools for electricians like a screwdriver set, combi drill, head torch, measuring tape, angle grinder, circuit tester, multimeter, and wire strippers.