What Women Should Know About The Baster Method

Baster method, this is still something that is very new to some people but there are actually many people tried it a got successful with it (women to be specific). So what is it? Basically, it’s artificial insemination (home edition) where you insert a syringe full of sperm in a woman’s vagina or your vagina and see if you get pregnant. So why a baster instead of a syringe in the name? No one knows for sure, but humorously, the people that tried it might have initially used a turkey baster and it got successful that it got the name, no one knows for sure.

artificial insemination

What you should know is that it’s a growing trend that had been good with single women that wanted to have a kid without a man by her side. This is pretty much common these days as more and more women are empowered and strong that they can raise a baby on her own. While test tube babies are still a thing, many women are trying this option, for the reason that it’s cheaper, quick and effective too.

The conditions should be right: The condition to that is ovulation, you have to be ovulating before you begin because if you’re not then there’s really no point in doing it. Surely you know when you’re ovulating, you crave for something and your basal body temp is higher. The best way to check is thru your vaginal secretion, if it’s clear and sticky, this means your ovulating and for good measure why don’t you also get an ovulation kit. If it all confirms that you are in fact ovulating, then you need to read further below.

Acquiring a sperm: This can be hard or this can be easy, it depends. The easiest way to get one is thru the sperm bank if you want that random situation, it’s the best place to be, But if you want to know the father at least, you can find someone that can agree with your conditions and it all has to be on paper just to be sure that everything runs well without a hitch. This will also take care of your potential problems in the future in case the donor wants to have a right to claim your child.

The steps: Using a baster might help if you want to stick with how it was named after but it was noted that using a syringe is actually very effective. Prepare the needed stuff like the syringe, the sperm, and you sitting in a comfortable position and one more thing, you have to assume a sterile field, using sterile gloves and all for the process just to be sure.

  • Position yourself
  • Extract the perm (keep in mind that a sperm will die in 5 seconds when exposed to air)
  • Insert in the vagina (not the cervix)
  • Be in that position for half an hour or more (if you can take it longer)
  • Then wait 2-3 weeks
  • After that take a pregnancy test
  • If its positive go see a doctor,
  • If it didn’t work check the procedures and where you got it wrong
  • if you think you got it all right, it’s time to go seek a doctor still

The baster method might seem like a very funny method but there is no denying the fact that some women tried it and it actually worked. It’s a different approach to the artificial insemination method because you do it at home. The process is easy and can be done with materials that can easily be found in a drug store. This is ideal for women that plans to have a kid without a man to share it and for people that think artificial insemination in labs is a bit expensive. The only real cost here is the sperm and that’s it. If you think that this will be something that you can do then, give it a shot.