Why A Spa Can Help You Detox

Spa refers to any relaxing water treatment. The term is derived from a town in Belgium. Spa, Belgium was known back to the Roman times as Aquae Spadanae meaning “sprinkle”. It is also considered being the acronym of various Latin phrases such as “Salus Per Aquam” or “Sanitas Per Aquam” meaning “health through water”.

purification and cleansing

A brief history

Spas have been prominent since the ancient times. Even in the Bronze Age, people have been traveling to hot or cold spring to get a treatment for illnesses. A lot of ancient cultures from all throughout the globe believe that bathing in a well or spring can provide some kind of treatment or purification. Even in ancient Greece, bathing in springs and water is a sign of purification and cleansing.

The evolution of spas

Spa continuously evolves and improves. Today, the spa has been a vital component in any resorts and town. From its ancient form of water treatment, spas evolved to more relaxing and therapeutic process with intense connection with the mind and body. Spa treatment now includes aromatherapy – a form of alternative treatment that uses the smell or aromatic compounds that will set or alter a person’s mind, mood, and health. Other forms of the spa treatment are bathing in hot tubs, sauna, steam bath or hot springs. It also includes body wraps, massage, and nail care, yoga, waxing, facials and many more.

Why go to a spa

Many types of spa treatments relieve pain. Even athletes and bodybuilders who are experiencing grave muscle pain go to a spa. Spas help them relief from easing muscles cramps and tensions. The heat from sauna removes pain. Even a soothing massage helps them remove pain from their body. Other types of the spa treatment that remove pain are hydrotherapy and heat therapy. There are also medical spas that offer therapeutic treatment for arthritis, muscle spasm, and nerve problems. Heat is also good for washing away the physical pain in your muscles and joints.

Destress and detoxify

A good massage would relieve you from muscular pain as well as stress. It can help you relax and get rid of emotional weights. Spa gives you a break from your job and friends. It helps you slow down and forget about the problems you are currently thinking. It gives a soothing feeling to your body. Bathing in a hot tub, sauna or aromatic water can wash your worries away. The ambiance and settings of spas relax you and give you and even for a short time, takes you away from the busy, hectic and tiring work life.

Going to a spa is also a good avenue to get rid of your body’s toxin. Think of it as a detox. Your body would feel like undergoing toxin rid 10 day detox in this case. No wonder, going to a spa is a good method to remove toxins within.